Mar 24, 2007

Happy New Year To You All

Happy New Year To You All (Hnit Thit Su Taung)

1. 'AMIM' - the brain child of Saya Johnny
Patrons are Yee, Aye, Win, Nyo and Reggie
Co-owners to be Stanley, Shwe Zin and Peter
Htin, Max, Ni, Min, Khynne, Freda etc are moderators.

2. Avid bloggers Anna, Ko Lay, Tun and Nyi Nyi Han
Thynn, Jen, Ohnmar, Hnin and Christine Tan
Naing, Donald, Wah Wah, Htay and three OOs
Sayas Tin Hla, Eng, John, Moe, Myat Mon joining too.

3. All alumni junior to senior
We don't consider anyone inferior
'3P' ruling strictly adhered to
Educating, Joking, Hammering blogs for me and you.

4. Indeed, we are an extended family
Sharing love, friendship and comraderie
Contented and Happy - Shedding no tears
Hope, this way, May We live 120 YEARS !!

KMG (2006 December)

AMIM = Alumni Myanmar Institutes of Medicine

Johnny = Dr. Thane Oke Kyaw Myint
Yee = Prof. Daw Hnin Yee
Aye = Prof. Daw Myint Myint Aye
Win = Prof. U Khin Maung Win
Nyo = Prof. Maung Maung Nyo
Reggie = Prof. R. Ba Pe
Stanley = Dr. Stanley Chang
Shwe Zin = Dr. Shwe Zin Tun
Peter = Dr. Peter Leong
Htin = Dr. Win Htin @ Winston Chu
Max = Dr. Maung Maung Kyi
Ni = Dr. NiNi Zaw
Min = Dr. Ye Min
Khynne = Dr. Khynne Swe Myint
Freda = Dr. Thein Tun Ohn
Anna = Dr. Khin Khin Kyawt
Ko Lay = Dr. Ko Ko Lay
Tun = Dr. Tun Kyaw Nyein
Nyi Nyi Han = Dr. Nyi Nyi Han
Thynn = Dr. Thynn Thynn
Jen = Dr. Jennifer Chu
Ohnmar = Dr. Khin Ohnmar
Hnin = Dr. Hnin Hnin Aye
Christine Tan = Dr. Khin Lay Myint
Naing = Dr. Saw Naing
Donald = Dr. Htin Aung
Wah Wah = Dr. WahWah Thein Han
Htay = Dr. Htay Minn
three Oos = Dr. Tha Tha Oo,Dr. Than Naing Oo,Dr. Thein Hlaing Oo
Moe = Dr. Kyaw Moe
Myat Mon = Dr. Myat Mon Kha

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Congrats on your poem!