May 9, 2007



Mother, I miss you.
Never a day gone by, that I have forgotten you.
You’ve been always with me, at home, at work, and in my dreams.
You fed me when I was small.
You nurtured me during adolescence.
You looked after me during sickness.
You consoled me when I feel sad.
You encouraged me when I met failures.
You brought me up as a fine son.

Never a day went by that I have forgotten you.
You were with me on my graduation day.
You were with me when I started working.
You were with me when I got married.
But I left you when I have to move overseas.
Even then you wore a forgiving smile without saying a word.

Never a day gone by that I have forgotten you.
Indeed you are my best guardian.
You are my best teacher.
You are my best guide.
You cooked the best food I ever had.
I still remember your wrinkle face.
I still remember your subtle movments.
I still remember your scribbled writings.
I still remember your gracious looks.
Mother, how can I forget you?
Never a day went by, that I do not remember you.
Mother, Dear Mother, I miss you a lot.

(To my mother Daw Aye Khin and all mothers)

May 8, 2007

Michael Angelo's La Pieta

---Khin Maung Gyi wrote:
Dear Alumni
I wish to join Saya TOKM in his prayers for 'peace' in this world.
Let there be NO WAR,
Let there be NO FEAR
of losing a child in this 'MADNESS'
For moms to go thru' utter 'SADNESS'.


---Thane Oke Kyaw-Myint wrote:
I have posted the photo of this statue, in honour of the hundreds of mothers who had lost their sons and daughters in armed conflicts, in many countries. I would like my fellow Alumni to join me in my prayers for cessation of the fighting all over the world (Iraq, Timor, Aceh, Sudan, Somalia, Philippines, Southern Thailand, Lebanon, Palestine and many more) so that no mother will ever have to go through the anguish of losing a child in armed conflict. According to the UN Statistical Division, majority of the casualties were non-combatants and civilians and 80% of all casualties were women and children.
With metta