Mar 24, 2007

Dr. Dutt

1. Sad news, I read from the net
Of a benefactor which whom I met,
He looked dashing, stocky and smart
His name was 'Dr T.K.Dutt'.

2. Taught us Anatomy on Abdomen and Pelvis
Looks like Delip Kumar, but not 'king' Elvis
Got married to a much, much young lady
Perhaps, he then was 50 years may be.

3. 'Let it be me'. the bride she sang
Strikes his 'heart' with such a bang
Happy and excited, to what he hears
Beaming he smiles, from ear to ear.

4. Oh Saya! Now that you are gone
We, your pupils, are still in mourn
Your voice, your acts we 'll always remember
As though - 'you' - with us forever, ever.


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