Mar 24, 2007

A Day to Remember (19th July)

1. Let's not forget that 'DAY' in July
When our national heroes untimely die,
All over Burma, flags flutter half-mast
Reminding of our sorrowful past.

2. 'Nationalities and 'tribes' graciously unite
Joined their hands to claim the rights,
'Pin Lon' treaty was signed and done
Our precious 'Independence' is sure to come.

3. But then.... an cowardly act did takes place
Mother country seemed to lose her face,
While expecting 'a great day' yet.. to born
Our leaders got assassinated and gone.

4. '19 JULY' - a day to remember
Deep inside our hearts for ever and ever,
Let's pay homage to our great SONS
Without them, 'FREEDOM' shall never be won.


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