Apr 9, 2007

Observing The Present (A Vertical View)

Excerpt - AMIM 1st Annals

A tribut to all teachers

Excerpt from AMIM 1st Annals

“The Gardener”
(A tribute to all teachers)

1. Let me introduce to our teacher
Who is also a guardian and preacher
Guiding and nuturing from a youthful age
To raise us up with a healthy image.

2. As soon as the morning bell tolls
He started his routine - heart and soul
Never does he skips a single day
Sickness and malady are kept at bay.

3. He may be tired, his voice may wimper
His zest and zeal, nothing gets dimmer
Never to be seen in fits or rage
Happy and contented on not so high a wage.

4. His loving kindness is like a mountain
Goodwill from him flows like a fountain
He looks after us as one of his own
His empathy towards us is very well known.

5. Hearing the success of his 'daughters and sons'
He beams as though ' a war was won'
He is now overjoyed and highly thrilled
His life seems to be thus fulfilled.


Apr 6, 2007

National Day

1. Today is our National Day
Denouncing the tyranny who foul play
Our elders boycotted the 'Varsity Act'
That dwelled upon discriminatory facts.

2. Student leaders decided at 'Tine-ta-yar' Kyaung
'Nat' (National) edu-system has to be found
Strikes, Demos started and rippled
Authorities got shaken and crippled.

3. In utter defiance of the 'Brit' (British) rule
Patriots set up their own 'Nat' (National) Schools
The country complied the 'Unity' call
Forcing the 'imperialists' to slip and fall.

4. 'A monument' in Shwe-Da-Gon is there still
Proud recollections began to fill
So, let's not forget our 'Union Day'
Setting 'Nat' edu-system then, in righteous way.

(To all who are trying their best to assist motherland)


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Apr 5, 2007

Patriots At Heart

1. We left Burma (Myanmar), years ago
While conditions decline more and more
Leaving relatives, colleagues and friends
When to meet?? could not comprehend.

2. Our childrens' future were then bleak
Overseas employment we had to seek
Long before one could settle
Had to endure long tedious 'battles'.

3. Because we left our mother country
Some thought we are selfish and greedy
Facing ever worsening conditions
'Going Abroad' seems the best option.

4. Though living afar, 'we love' our country
Always the 'BEST' , we wish 'HER' to be
Whenever, there are good/bad news
Our feelings/thoughts always with you !!

(In remembrance of Bo Gyoke U Aung San)


A Fervent Expectation

1. Burma, Myanmar our golden land
Once peaceful, rich and grand
Whilst overpowered by colonial rule
Sadly, she became one of her tools.

2. Aung San, Bogyoke, with clear foresight
Made nationalities and tribes unite
Differences settled, problems left behind
'Panlong' treaty was finally signed.

3. Thus born a prosperous, sovereign country
For all the world to see and envy
Alas, our joy short lived and slashed
'DEMOCRACY' abolished, HOPES were dashed.

4. Her offspring now spread the world over
Yet, in our hearts, love forever
to the motherland, which gave us 'SIGHT'
Pray... one day SHE regains 'DEMOCRATIC RIGHTS'.


Happy Chinese New Year

Gong Xi Fa Cai/Kung Hey Fat Choi/Happy Chinese New Year

To All Chinese Alumni far and near
Wishing you 'A Very Happy New Year'

Many Red Envelopes on the WAY
May you have a hefty PAY.
Do Enjoy your wonderful great DAY !!


Remembering Friends From Schooldays

Apr 1, 2007


1. Today -'Tha-Din-Kyut' full moon day
We, Burmese, celebrates in religious way
Temples, pagodas flooded with pilgrims
All citizens, all ages, up to the brim.

2. Our 'Lord Buddha' returned from preaching
Sermons and doctrines in the teaching
To welcome 'His' coming the way had lights
The path was shown shining and bright.

3. Towns and cities put up the shows
Colourful lanterns make up the glow
Youngsters thrilled, having much fun
Collecting donations they deservedly won.

4. To elders we 'Bow' requesting forgiveness
Misdeeds resolved and to get 'bless'
Though living apart, far... far.. away
Yet, never forget our 'auspicious' day.