Mar 24, 2007

A Day to Remember (7th July)

1. How can I forget the 7th of July
When most of my friends 'untimely' die
We students demonstrated to get our rights
Yet, they crushed us with all their might.

2. Shots were fired round after round
'Varsity environs' became the battle ground
Innocent blood were shed to last drop
The trigger happy hands shall never stop.

3. Not being content with all the killings
They then demolished the 'Union' building
Now that our treasured 'mile stone' was gone
Wish to say 'a new monster' is born.

4. 'A Black Day' indeed for us all students
They tied our hands and stopped our 'movement'
Our Heads are Bloody, but we UNBOW
WE SHALL OVERCOME - we solemnly vow.


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