Mar 24, 2007

Saya Thane Oke Kyaw Myint

1. We all knew him as 'Saya Johnny'
Never he cares for honor or money,
With a smile he used to treat
All childhood disease - he simply beats.

2. He is such a clever guy
Please don't ask the big 'Q' why ??
Even before the age of thirty
He bagged all those fine degrees.

3. Then, trotting all over he globe
Saving lives, giving children HOPE,
With UNICEF, he served with dedication
Thus, winning all the admiration.

4. AMIM is the one you own
It now becomes popular, well known
A WISH from all of us - DEAR
May YOU live '120' years !!


AMIM = Alumni Myanmar Institutes of Medicine

Happy New Year To You All

Happy New Year To You All (Hnit Thit Su Taung)

1. 'AMIM' - the brain child of Saya Johnny
Patrons are Yee, Aye, Win, Nyo and Reggie
Co-owners to be Stanley, Shwe Zin and Peter
Htin, Max, Ni, Min, Khynne, Freda etc are moderators.

2. Avid bloggers Anna, Ko Lay, Tun and Nyi Nyi Han
Thynn, Jen, Ohnmar, Hnin and Christine Tan
Naing, Donald, Wah Wah, Htay and three OOs
Sayas Tin Hla, Eng, John, Moe, Myat Mon joining too.

3. All alumni junior to senior
We don't consider anyone inferior
'3P' ruling strictly adhered to
Educating, Joking, Hammering blogs for me and you.

4. Indeed, we are an extended family
Sharing love, friendship and comraderie
Contented and Happy - Shedding no tears
Hope, this way, May We live 120 YEARS !!

KMG (2006 December)

AMIM = Alumni Myanmar Institutes of Medicine

Johnny = Dr. Thane Oke Kyaw Myint
Yee = Prof. Daw Hnin Yee
Aye = Prof. Daw Myint Myint Aye
Win = Prof. U Khin Maung Win
Nyo = Prof. Maung Maung Nyo
Reggie = Prof. R. Ba Pe
Stanley = Dr. Stanley Chang
Shwe Zin = Dr. Shwe Zin Tun
Peter = Dr. Peter Leong
Htin = Dr. Win Htin @ Winston Chu
Max = Dr. Maung Maung Kyi
Ni = Dr. NiNi Zaw
Min = Dr. Ye Min
Khynne = Dr. Khynne Swe Myint
Freda = Dr. Thein Tun Ohn
Anna = Dr. Khin Khin Kyawt
Ko Lay = Dr. Ko Ko Lay
Tun = Dr. Tun Kyaw Nyein
Nyi Nyi Han = Dr. Nyi Nyi Han
Thynn = Dr. Thynn Thynn
Jen = Dr. Jennifer Chu
Ohnmar = Dr. Khin Ohnmar
Hnin = Dr. Hnin Hnin Aye
Christine Tan = Dr. Khin Lay Myint
Naing = Dr. Saw Naing
Donald = Dr. Htin Aung
Wah Wah = Dr. WahWah Thein Han
Htay = Dr. Htay Minn
three Oos = Dr. Tha Tha Oo,Dr. Than Naing Oo,Dr. Thein Hlaing Oo
Moe = Dr. Kyaw Moe
Myat Mon = Dr. Myat Mon Kha

I want to go Home

I want to go Home

1. Honestly, I want to go Home
From a country which is not my own
Though having a career, life much better
I won't be happy to settle forever.

2. 'Burma', 'Myanmar; we proudly call
Motherland which means so much to us all
'Seeking brighter future' makes us leave
Sad in our hearts - heavy and heave.

3. Never a day went by without thinking
Pray that 'She' won't go on sinking
A beautiful land rich in resources
Once endowed with intellect forces.

4. Thinking of a 'Reunion' - we all shall meet
Smiling, laughing, hugging we'll greet
Though now spread all over the globe
'Rendezvous Homeland' - do let us HOPE.


collage source

Let's Meet Again

1. Its been a long.... long time
We then were in youthful prime
Meet.. greet.. studied together
Happy days... joys forever.

2. Years passed by, we graduated
Gaining experiences, time compensated
Nurturing a family - to needs we attend
Enriching also the circles of friend.

3. Though living apart in various places
Yet never forget the familiar faces
Greetings exchange - news thus made
Knows who's where and who do fade.

4. "Colleagues' - the world over - here gather
Thrilled and proud - to be together
Let's promise to meet time and again
So, our efforts will not be in vain.


Dr. Dutt

1. Sad news, I read from the net
Of a benefactor which whom I met,
He looked dashing, stocky and smart
His name was 'Dr T.K.Dutt'.

2. Taught us Anatomy on Abdomen and Pelvis
Looks like Delip Kumar, but not 'king' Elvis
Got married to a much, much young lady
Perhaps, he then was 50 years may be.

3. 'Let it be me'. the bride she sang
Strikes his 'heart' with such a bang
Happy and excited, to what he hears
Beaming he smiles, from ear to ear.

4. Oh Saya! Now that you are gone
We, your pupils, are still in mourn
Your voice, your acts we 'll always remember
As though - 'you' - with us forever, ever.


A Day to Remember (19th July)

1. Let's not forget that 'DAY' in July
When our national heroes untimely die,
All over Burma, flags flutter half-mast
Reminding of our sorrowful past.

2. 'Nationalities and 'tribes' graciously unite
Joined their hands to claim the rights,
'Pin Lon' treaty was signed and done
Our precious 'Independence' is sure to come.

3. But then.... an cowardly act did takes place
Mother country seemed to lose her face,
While expecting 'a great day' yet.. to born
Our leaders got assassinated and gone.

4. '19 JULY' - a day to remember
Deep inside our hearts for ever and ever,
Let's pay homage to our great SONS
Without them, 'FREEDOM' shall never be won.


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A Day to Remember (7th July)

1. How can I forget the 7th of July
When most of my friends 'untimely' die
We students demonstrated to get our rights
Yet, they crushed us with all their might.

2. Shots were fired round after round
'Varsity environs' became the battle ground
Innocent blood were shed to last drop
The trigger happy hands shall never stop.

3. Not being content with all the killings
They then demolished the 'Union' building
Now that our treasured 'mile stone' was gone
Wish to say 'a new monster' is born.

4. 'A Black Day' indeed for us all students
They tied our hands and stopped our 'movement'
Our Heads are Bloody, but we UNBOW
WE SHALL OVERCOME - we solemnly vow.


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