Aug 8, 2007

Working for a Good Cause

1. A short message said - ' Raymaond is ill'
Queries from four corners began to fill
Slowly the 'story' from homeland unfold
Worries unabated, the breath we hold.

2. 'DH' Fever affecting young ones
Some even lost their daughters or sons
Situation worsens and turning bad
'Desperation' sets in, feeling so sad.

3. Though living or working all over globe
When need be, 'We' in unity mode
Contacts made, thus raising donations
'Alumni' the world over send 'contributions'.

4. United 'We' stand, giving a Hand
Rendering assistance to our 'mother land'
Working tirelessly heart and soul
To save as much 'lives' is our 'Main Goal'.

(A big salute to all working/contributing in this noble endeavour)


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