May 9, 2007



Mother, I miss you.
Never a day gone by, that I have forgotten you.
You’ve been always with me, at home, at work, and in my dreams.
You fed me when I was small.
You nurtured me during adolescence.
You looked after me during sickness.
You consoled me when I feel sad.
You encouraged me when I met failures.
You brought me up as a fine son.

Never a day went by that I have forgotten you.
You were with me on my graduation day.
You were with me when I started working.
You were with me when I got married.
But I left you when I have to move overseas.
Even then you wore a forgiving smile without saying a word.

Never a day gone by that I have forgotten you.
Indeed you are my best guardian.
You are my best teacher.
You are my best guide.
You cooked the best food I ever had.
I still remember your wrinkle face.
I still remember your subtle movments.
I still remember your scribbled writings.
I still remember your gracious looks.
Mother, how can I forget you?
Never a day went by, that I do not remember you.
Mother, Dear Mother, I miss you a lot.

(To my mother Daw Aye Khin and all mothers)

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