Apr 6, 2007

National Day

1. Today is our National Day
Denouncing the tyranny who foul play
Our elders boycotted the 'Varsity Act'
That dwelled upon discriminatory facts.

2. Student leaders decided at 'Tine-ta-yar' Kyaung
'Nat' (National) edu-system has to be found
Strikes, Demos started and rippled
Authorities got shaken and crippled.

3. In utter defiance of the 'Brit' (British) rule
Patriots set up their own 'Nat' (National) Schools
The country complied the 'Unity' call
Forcing the 'imperialists' to slip and fall.

4. 'A monument' in Shwe-Da-Gon is there still
Proud recollections began to fill
So, let's not forget our 'Union Day'
Setting 'Nat' edu-system then, in righteous way.

(To all who are trying their best to assist motherland)


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