Apr 1, 2007


1. Today -'Tha-Din-Kyut' full moon day
We, Burmese, celebrates in religious way
Temples, pagodas flooded with pilgrims
All citizens, all ages, up to the brim.

2. Our 'Lord Buddha' returned from preaching
Sermons and doctrines in the teaching
To welcome 'His' coming the way had lights
The path was shown shining and bright.

3. Towns and cities put up the shows
Colourful lanterns make up the glow
Youngsters thrilled, having much fun
Collecting donations they deservedly won.

4. To elders we 'Bow' requesting forgiveness
Misdeeds resolved and to get 'bless'
Though living apart, far... far.. away
Yet, never forget our 'auspicious' day.


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